Doron Studio


About Doron Studio

Doron’s work is inspired by his deep interest in understanding the human condition, investigating the relationship between body and mind, how one affects the other and how people interpret their vision into movement and body language He explores the body in space, its contact with the elements, food and other bodies. Exploring the triggers to the body’s expressions Hanoch becomes an observer of life, people, cultures and the way they all communicate.

Doron’s work is organic, in flow, always in search for some inner truth; something that is not really created by himself but by a universal attendance.

Doron was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. He traveled the Far East for 2 years, living and learning about various spiritual traditions from Yoga, Osho, Tibetan Buddhism, Vipassana, and Japanese Buddhism. He still practices and teaches yoga and Zen. These have influenced his way of seeing life as well as his work. He considers his work spiritual visions.

Doron Studied art in Israel and Italy focusing on photography, then moved to NY where he owned an art and fashion photography studio for almost a decade. He now lives and works in California, sharing his passions for the body and mind through both yoga and art.

Doron Hanoch

Solo Exhibits

  • 2008: Photo Installation, India Song House, Mysore, India
  • 2008: Cuba My Heart, Spirit Garden, Big Sur, California
  • 2004: Project Projection, Tribute, New York
  • 2002: New New Yorkers, Serena, New York
  • 2002: Fashion Meets Art, Negril, New York
  • 2001: Inside the Outsider, Makor, New York
  • 1999: La Strega, Gallery 37, New York
  • 1996: Them and I, Beit Berl Gallery, Kalmania, Israel

Selected Group Exhibits

  • 2012: Trans/Mission NoteBook Archive, Kassel City of Documenta
  • 2010: PJCC Community Show, PJCC Art Gallery, Silicon Valley, California
  • 2009: Light Project, Fusion Arts Museum, New York
  • 2008: Projections, American Art Gallery, Carmel, California
  • 2006: Body Ways, Adama Gallery, Israel
  • 2006: Bodies, Cinemateck Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 2006: Modern and Contemporary Israeli Art, UJA-JCC, New Jersey
  • 2005: For Given, Rider Art Project, New York
  • 2005: After the Light, Andy Warhol Factory, New York
  • 2005: Reflections, Nexus Gallery, New York
  • 2005: Innocent Beauty-Lolita, AG Gallery New York
  • 2004: New York Photographers, Givatayim Theatre, Israel
  • 2003: Emerging Artists to the Public, s.u.n. Arts, Tribute, New York
  • 2003: State of the Mind, Photo District Gallery, New York
  • 2003: The Wandering Library, The Vencie Beinalle, Venice, Italy
  • 2002: MuzArt, Orensanz Foundation for the Arts, New York
  • 2001: Snapshot, Baltimore Contemporary Museum of Art, Baltimore
  • 1997: Dieci Decimi…Ochio all’Arte, CLA – Centro Lavoro Arte, Milano


  • International Color Awards (nominee), 2006
  • Black and White Spider Awards, 2005
  • TIMMY, Best Cover Photographer of 2001


  • 2003: Now I am Here – Poetry book published by Tamuz Publishers LTD


  • 2006: Zeek Magazine, USA
  • 2003: Menta Magazine, Israel
  • 2003: Zoozoom, USA
  • 2002: At Magazine, Israel
  • 2001 – 2002: Talent in Motion, USA
  • 2001: Yediot America, USA, Israel
  • 1999: SoWear, USA
  • 1998 – 2000: Maariv America, USA, Israel


  • 1996 – 2000: Philosophy Studies at the Open University of Israel
  • 1996 – 1998: Instituto Italiano di Fotografia, Milan, Italy
  • 1994 – 1996: Beit Berl Academy of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 1990 – 1991: Advertisement and Public Relations at the Managing College of Israel


  • Fluent in English Hebrew and Italian
  • Good Spanish
  • Basic French